Fragments, RIVERWOOD SERIES Book 4

The dream wedding and life Gina Pierson envisioned with the love of her life, Steven Crawford, turned into a nightmare when Steven suddenly disappeared without a word, failed to respond to Gina’s urgent letters and marries the woman he had ‘supposedly’ been trying to escape for many years.

Unaware that lies, deception and treacherous friends were all involved in ripping their lives into fragments, Gina was not only hurt and devastated, but was unable to share vital information that Steven needed to know. In the meantime, Steven has been drowning in a sea of torment and regret with a woman he didn’t love.

Can they recover what had been lost during the years and the despair they had endured?


This wonderfully well-written and compelling book looks at the life of a single woman's "seasons," from the raging storms of her life's winter to the sun-drenched days of her summers--and how she endures it all with God's love.


Can consequences resulting from bad decisions block God's plan? Can two conflicting paths merge into one destiny? "Destiny" takes the reader on a Journey with Ron Gilmore, confirmed bachelor and womanizer, and Anita Stanhope, widow of an abusive womanizer, as they struggle with these questions and try to overcome the consequences of bad choices, even as they are faced with new challenges.

Beyond the Break, RIVERWOOD SERIES Book 3

After tolerating twenty years of infidelity, deceit and deception, C.J. Si has a ‘snapped’ moment, grabs her deer rifle and takes aim at her husband and the woman in C.J.’s bed. C.J. ends up homeless, destitute and waiting for answers that are slow in coming. In the meantime, she must make decisions that could potentially change the course of her life.

Will she return to the place of brokenness where nothing has changed? Will she press toward the new relationship and new life being offered to her? Or will she remain in the vicious cycle of indecision?

The answer lies in her realization that sometimes you just have to reach beyond the break.

Now and Then, Again

Vann Sinclair is ready for a change. Now entering mid-life, she's ready to do for herself after years of doing for others. But they say when a person makes plans, God laughs. And this time, God's truly enjoying himself.

The serene life that Vann expected with her early retirement turns out to be just a dream. Not only is her spare time filled with friends and family who need Vann's cool head in times of trouble, but a handsome judge stirs her heart, allowing Vann to believe that a miracle may be in the works.


Joyful Hope

Joyful Hope

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