(Riverwood Series – Book One)

After struggling through a difficult season that seemed to have no end, Jaci Winters reaches a point of desperation and asks, “Lord, is this all You have for me?” Her answer came suddenly, bringing far more than she expected. But is she ready for such drastic changes? Can she accept a totally new season that teaches her to never give up on God who controls every season?


(Riverwood Series – Book Two)

Can two conflicting paths merge into one destiny? Anita Stanhope, widow of an abusive womanizer, and Ron Gilmore, notorious playboy, struggle with this and other questions as they try to overcome the consequences of past mistakes as well as numerous new challenges. Shockingly, baby Destiny drops into their lives. But can there be a destiny for them—together.


(Riverwood Series – Book Three)

C.J. Singleton has a ‘snapped’ moment after tolerating twenty years of her pro-basketball player husband’s infidelity, then finding him in her bed with another woman. She grabs her riffle. Gunplay, and a violent fight leaves C.J. homeless and destitute. Will she return to her enticing, but miserable old life of luxury when it’s offered, or will she accept a new beginning with another man? Can she reach beyond the break?


(Riverwood Series – Book Four)

It seemed as though all was lost to Gina Pierson when Steven Crawford suddenly disappeared without a word as they planned their marriage. Gina, hurt and shattered, moved on in devastation. But twenty years later, an unseen hand began working—exposing enemies and secrets, and revealing surprising joys. But is it too late to gather the fragments of Gina and Steven’s lives?

Now and Then, Again

Vann Sinclair is ready for a change. Now entering mid-life, she's ready to do for herself after years of doing for others. But they say when a person makes plans, God laughs. And this time, God's truly enjoying himself.

The serene life that Vann expected with her early retirement turns out to be just a dream. Not only is her spare time filled with friends and family who need Vann's cool head in times of trouble, but a handsome judge stirs her heart, allowing Vann to believe that a miracle may be in the works.